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"There is nothing more powerful than a humble person
with the warrior spirit driven by a higher purpose"
-Lyndi Leggett

Scuba Warrior

Your commitment to the service you have provided is honorable and your spirit has been dampened by how you have returned home or ended your career, so now its time to jump into something new that gets you into the gift that is the present moment.

You will learn to scuba dive and you get to choose whether you will pass yourself or not. The missions come after the qualification has been earned and the gift to you is relief and a break from life as you know it - to a world of deep breathing and neutral buoyancy and an anything can happen attitude.

Exploring the oceans on scuba has long been known to improve one's well being and with our missions designed with the PTSD, amputee or anxious warrior in mind - your life will never be the same again. Once bitten - you will be looking forward to the new scuba opportunities we provide for you.

Some may even use this initial qualification as a career move - the start of a career involving the underwater world. We can help you get on your way by running further courses to improve your skills.

So the psychosocial element gets a big tick and there could be career opportunities that follow and the bigger picture is so many benefit from our Scuba warriors program and the missions we go on afterwards.

What sets us apart

It's more than just a diving course

Lyndi Leggett is the child of a veteran and has first hand experience with the impact of PTSD and emphathy needed working with veterans.

Through Lyndi's extensive professional experience and qualifications she creates a platform for veterans, first responders and emergency services to regain their call to serve and opening up pathways for a new career or passion.

Creating a nurturing environment to belong

The Scuba Gyn Australia views everyone as more than just a number. It is our policy to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of our divers and actively encourage your personal growth. 

scuba warrior
scuba warrior

Scuba diving has helped
some of our team too

Diving with mission
Ocean clean up


Does the session covered by NDIS

Is it important? Is it necessary?