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Jessica Irwin

Jess is an incredible lady who came to us at the beginning of The Scuba Gym Australia and then returned after her operation on her hip.

She never gives up and always puts her heart into what she does. With the complications of non-verbal cerebral palsy she had to be very brave when wearing a full faced mask and even braver walking on her newly operated hips.

And what a huge success – she came weekly until a lockdown and went from strength to strength – able to pick up the shark as she walked the pool.

This takes a huge amount of concentration and co-ordination and Jess loves to achieve her goals.

Megan Hayley

Before The Scuba Gym Australia began I met Megan at a Surf Life Saving event as we are in the same club. I suggested she entertain the idea of trying scuba diving as she had done all sorts of fundraising events to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

Megan was horrified at the thought until I showed her the video of David from The Scuba Gym USA and explained I was bringing The Scuba Gym to Australia and would she like to be one of the first participants. The many videos of Megan are now a huge testimony to a lady with a crippling illness who will not give up.

Despite being a quadriplegic due to her MS we slowly progressed Megan during her sessions to do press ups with kettlebells underwater. Her hard work paid off when at home her cat jumped onto her lap and she automatically stroked it – she was over the moon with excitement as it’s the first time in years she’d been able to do that. This was a marvelous achievement for Megan regaining some movement of her arm.

No other therapy has given her that joy and so Megan has been our most regular diver and the results speak for themself.

Zye Sailard

Zye – our youngest diver. Zye came to The Scuba Gym Australia weeks before he was due to see his Knee surgeon again as he had another (7th in total and he is only 11years old). 

Zye was in his own words “scared” – but once we got under water and started having fun whilst exercising he just took off. He worked and played hard, solving problems underwater, learning to hold himself and his little tank up.

When his Mum told me that his knee surgery had been postponed for a year due to the huge improvement the surgeon had seen – we were blown away at his healing and how fast it happened. He only had done 2 sessions with us when we got this news. Imagine how we can help others.

Zye called me weeks later so excited he was finally able to click his fingers. I knew we were doing something right even though the results weren’t always so instant.

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