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sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver

We love working with our volunteers to help Take 3 for the Sea

Where does your plastic go? To the ocean.

If you are a certified diver, we would like to invite you to join us care for the environment.

11th November 2022

Thank you for your contribution

It’s the ripple in the pond that will benefit
not just the lives of those we help in our Scuba Therapy sessions,
but their families and friends too.

Here is Caleb, rapping his own song for us about Focusing on Abilities. Caleb is Autistic, he cannot read or write yet he is talented.
He creates and performs his own songs with such confidence. Caleb nearly backed out of his Scuba Therapy with us and when he got his gear on and went under water he had the most fun.
He slept so well that night and was in a peaceful state all the way home.

You can help us help more people like Caleb in a couple of ways. You can volunteer your time or by sponsoring a diver,
you can help us to buy more gear, help more people with special needs or disabilities.

Together we are stronger – thank you for your contribution.

Rent Surf Equipment

Help Us

Make a Difference

Partner with us

Partners can be organisations who donate products or services or money to our cause.

Sponsor a diver

By sponsoring a diver you can pay for Scuba Therapy workouts, thus making sure our work makes a difference for a sponsored diver.


We are always needing volunteers to help us on the pool deck or in the water – with our divers


Come join us for a clean up event and care for our ocean