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We are grateful for our partners & supporters

What does it means to be a partner

Partners help each other to be better.

Partners can be organisations who donate products or services or money to our cause.

We put a huge amount of time and energy into our programs and invite partners to join the team.

Some of our partners find us and just want to donate wetsuits or service kits.

sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
Why partner with us

The Scuba Gym is a small business making a BIG difference to the lives of people with disabilities or special needs.

Perhaps you would like to be more involved but can't, partnering your business with us is a great way to promote our service and your generosity and trust in us.

Every great leader knows the importance of contribution.

By donating your services or promoting our work and even sponsoring a program or paying for our lane hire for a period.

It all helps to helps us reach more people and we all make a bigger difference together.

How to be a partner

There are so many ways to get involved and to make a difference and as we are a Not For Profit its easier for us all.

To be a partner – write to us or call and share how you feel you can best help us.

Some example:

  • TWSHire have bought us wetsuits in the past and are sending new ones recently.
  • TWSHire also did a newsletter which include us.
  • Clients of mine from boats wanting to help taking divers to do clean up dive.
sponsor a diver
sponsor a diver
adaptive scuba
sponsor a diver

Sponsorship Options


We are most grateful for any amount sponsored and this allows you the choice of an amount based on your situation and knowing how it helps. Your name or business name will feature on our website and in our promotional material.



This is a great beginning for a diver. Just one session will begin the healing however 10 workouts will see some changes or sponsor a Scuba Camp for a day for 10 autistic or down syndrome divers.
Your name or company logo will be featured in the Scuba Camp publications and on our website as a Scuba Sponsor.



This gives someone the opportunity to get 20 workouts – we will see a physical change in our divers after 20 regular workouts.
We may get a diver walking again – unassisted. This means for some they can return to work, you have helped improve their quality of life.
Your name or company logo will be feature on our website
as a Super Sponsor.



This will pay for a compressor and more tanks for more divers and allow us to reach more disabled and special needs people.
You have saved us time and we will use that time to help more people.
Your company logo will be seen in our promotional videos and photographs. You will also be feature as a Superb Sponsor on our website.

Thank you for your contribution

It’s the ripple in the pond that will benefit
not just the lives of those we help in our Scuba Therapy sessions,
but their families and friends too.

Here is Caleb, rapping his own song for us about Focusing on Abilities. Caleb is Autistic, he cannot read or write yet he is talented.
He creates and performs his own songs with such confidence. Caleb nearly backed out of his Scuba Therapy with us and when he got his gear on and went under water he had the most fun.
He slept so well that night and was in a peaceful state all the way home.

You can help us help more people like Caleb in a couple of ways. You can volunteer your time or by sponsoring a diver,
you can help us to buy more gear, help more people with special needs or disabilities.

Together we are stronger – thank you for your contribution.

Rent Surf Equipment

Help Us

Make a Difference

Partner with us

Partners can be organisations who donate products or services or money to our cause.

Sponsor a diver

By sponsoring a diver you can pay for Scuba Therapy workouts, thus making sure our work makes a difference for a sponsored diver.


We are always needing volunteers to help us on the pool deck or in the water – with our divers


Come join us for a clean up event and care for our ocean