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Scuba therapy session

"Scuba Therapy is the only therapy that gives results that excites me" Megan H (Multiple Sclerosis)

Scuba Therapy

Scuba Therapy is the foundation of the The Scuba Gym Australia. We invite people with disabilities to don a mask and scuba gear and let go of many of the senses that defines them as “disabled” - just for a moment feel what it feels like to stand again, to jump, to move through the water, perhaps swimming again.

For our paraplegics and quadriplegics this in itself is an out of this world feeling and practically speaking will reduce pains and discomfort not just for the time underwater - long into the night.

We will increase your lung capacity and improve your lung function. We will move you, stand you up and exercise you - pushing you to push yourself to new levels of strength and fitness. And you will be amazed as to how incredible you feel as well as tired from the workout.

Your workout is tailor-made for you depending on the diagnosis you present and your goals you have set for yourself.

We believe in all our divers and you get to take yourself to a world with less noise and more connection with yourself. ‘If s/he can do it then so can I’ words that everyone will be thinking at some stage in their scuba gym journey.

We have incredible divers who have taken the plunge and now have their own stories to tell of how they can cut their food for the first time in years “ or “pat the cat for the first time in years” or light a candle, handwriting that improves overnight, tremors that stop suddenly and saving herself from falling backwards because we had practiced it so much underwater.

These are just a few examples of the small differences that made a massive difference to the lives of our divers. Their diagnosis vary from hypotonia, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Acquired Brain Injury.

First Step


Once the paperwork has been received - you may be required to get a medical sign off from our dive doctor who knows what we do and absolutely loves our work. Dr De Kock is based in Erina and helps us so much.

You are then booked into a 90 minute appointment so that we have time to help you gear up and talk you through the process. 

What to expect on your first session


Duration 90minutes with up to 60minutes dive time. Your subsequent Scuba Therapy sessions are one hour long as we will know your gear setup and you will know what to expect so its all so much quicker.

We will safely put you into the water and our incredible team will help to ensure you are safe the entire time you are with us.

And then your workout begins. Once complete we will assist you getting out of the pool and back into your wheel chair or to your gear.

There are hot showers and a cafe at the pool so you can warm up and grab a coffee afterwards if needed.

We do have access to a hoist too if you’d prefer to be lowered into the pool that way - please let us know prior to your first appointment.

Make sure you are dressed in boardies and or a swimmers upon arrival. It just speeds up your time to get into the water if you’re ready to go. And bring a warm change of clothes and a towel too.

Our commitment
to you

Acting With Integrity

Everything we do comes from the heart. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds with varying abilities.

Your safety is our priority

All of our equipment is of the highest standards and maintained to ensure the safety of all divers.

our team are certified

Our underwater team are all certified scuba divers from various agencies. Our on deck team are qualified First AIDers and are holder of current WWC.

Making a Positive Impact

By challenging the status quo, we give people an opportunity to experience an activity they would otherwise be excluded from.


Is the session covered by NDIS?

Is it important? Is it necessary?

Help Us

Make a Difference

Partner with us

Partners can be organisations who donate products or services or money to our cause.

Sponsor a diver

By sponsoring a diver you can pay for Scuba Therapy workouts, thus making sure our work makes a difference for a sponsored diver.


We are always needing volunteers to help us on the pool deck or in the water – with our divers


Come join us for a clean up event and care for our ocean