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SCUBA EXPERIENCE – For Veterans and Their Families

published in december 2023

PTSD in Australia

As many as 800 000 people suffer from PTSD in Australia and that figure isn’t getting smaller. Whilst PTSD is often what veterans and emergency services personal suffer from traumas experienced in their line of duty, over the last 3 years with all the fear that was pumped into the hearts and homes of Australians, domestic violence has soared, more traumas have occurred, and even more people are seeking help.

The Healing Power of Scuba

John Hopkins University have done research on the benefits of Scuba Diving: Johns Hopkins Study on Scuba Diving

Our Second Scuba Experience

This is our second Scuba Experience and we invited our RSL Subbranches and External Service Organizations (ESOs) to share our Scuba Experience with their veterans and families. Our Scuba Experience is a day of diving in a safe environment – with thanks to the Peninsula Leisure Centre in Woy Woy who graciously hosted the event for us again giving us use of their deeper 25m pool to play in.

The Intent Behind the Event 

Our intention is to offer this free event to veterans and their families so that they all feel the benefits and join us on our Scuba Warrior program. The importance of getting out into a supportive environment and participating in a healthy activity that puts you into the present moment and enables everyone to grow. Being totally submerged in a different dimension where communication is visual for the most part and bonding as part of a team just happens & brings people together.

Building Community Connections

Bringing people together is how we end the day with a BBQ running – giving sausage sangars away to our hungry divers – really so we can “break bread together” and connect even more.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Our sincere thanks to Terrigal/Wamberal RSL Subbranch who made this event possible and our friends at OCEANPRO heard about the event and immediately sent a box of masks and snorkels for all our attendees to encourage them to further their diving skills and by having their own essential item of gear. These are superb masks and all our divers were blown away by the generosity of OCEANPRO and the generosity of the Scuba Gym Tribe. Our tribe gave up a Sunday to be dive buddies and to help with the education, the BBQ and the fun had underwater. Some are local, however, some drove over an hour just to help.

The Spirit of The Scuba Gym

That’s the community spirit we have at The Scuba Gym – the mate-ship and brotherhood is so important to grow, heal and be a part of. If you’re interested in joining our next Scuba Experience or jumping straight into the Scuba Warrior program – where we dive with a purpose, please get in touch. Our Scuba Warriors who have completed this training return regularly to help on our mission dives and to help support our disabled divers in Scuba Therapy sessions. This is how we help you to continue diving with minimal cost to you and we all dive with a purpose. Acts of kindness is a pathway to improving social connection. There are videos about the mission dive on our website. Do watch this little video from the event and get in touch to join our tribe today. When You are ready to heal we are ready to help.

Lyndi Legget

Lyndi Leggett


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Lyndi Leggett


Lyndi Leggett is the founder of The Scuba Gym Australia and is a NAUI/RAID Scuba Instructor. Lyndi is a passionate advocate for offering all people with disabilities and special needs the opportunity to experience life-changing healing through the benefits of scuba diving.