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Autoimmune Diseases

Behind so many illnesses these days lurks an auto-immune issue. Our basic understanding of autoimmune disease is it stems from the gut. So, when we found out about NUCLEOTIDES and how incredible they are for restoring the gut lining and repairing the gut at a RNA level – that’s the smallest there is right, we had to get on them. Your RNA is what makes up your DNA – that’s tiny and no amount of probiotics works at that level.

From extensive travel through 3rd,4th and 5th world countries, I have had many tropical diseases and then the anti-biotics to clean them up. So my gut has taken a beating over the years. That said I do not have any autoimmune issues – just an aversion to gluten. However, my girlfriend suffers from Lymes Disease, and used to spend 18 hours a day sleeping and the rest of the time in a daze with brain fog of note.

That’s until she was encouraged to take NUCLEOTIDES, then her world changed radically. Not being a scientist or a health practitioner I cannot prescribe or recommend these incredible products, just share of their help for all types of ailments.

If you have an autoimmune disease – it might be worth your while speaking to Sheila at – Sheila is incredible and can give you a better understanding of these little gems and how much tot take. I do know you cannot be taking immune suppressants and Nucleotides. So many illnesses are gut related.

What are we doing to ourselves – what are the food choices we are making doing to our insides. It’s worth a conversation if you want your health to improve especially as we know that the gut-brain connection is super important. 

Lyndi Legget

Lyndi Leggett


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Lyndi Leggett


Lyndi Leggett is the founder of The Scuba Gym Australia and is a NAUI/RAID Scuba Instructor. Lyndi is a passionate advocate for offering all people with disabilities and special needs the opportunity to experience life-changing healing through the benefits of scuba diving.