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Mobility Impaired: Introducing Wheelie Campers

Since working in this industry it’s become apparent how incredibly out going people with disabilities are – they sure do seem more courageous than the majority of able bodied people. Most have that attitude of “what’s the worst case scenario here – and can I live with or die with it ?” More people ought to live by this example and creed – getting out on the skinny limbs of the tree is where the fruit of life is. So what a pleasure it was meeting Scott from Wheelie Campers who caters for those outgoing people who need help with accessibility and or mobility.

Scott and his team have an awesome organisation that provide Campers rigged for mobility impaired, so you can do the big lap around Australia with the help of Wheelie Campers. Here’s some info on their campers taken from their website …

”Vehicles are all Wheelchair accessible and allow the Wheelchair passenger to ride in the front passenger seat. This allows the best possible perspective when travelling around this beautiful country. This is facilitated by the use of our rotating passenger seat. When it is the end of the day and you’re ready to settle down for the night, a few easy reconfigurations allows you to be positioned in bed via our easy lowering bed system. Each vehicle is converted with 240v and has options to charge the system via the engine, external power source and mains inlet. Each vehicle has a sink, toilet (chemical), hotplate, fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle and air conditioning. We have an onboard TV which easily connects to most mobile phones, playstations and X-boxes. A front/rear dash cam and GPS is installed for your safety and ease of maneuverability.” Sounds pretty cool to me.

And some come with drivers too if you are not able to drive. Having done overlanding and lots of travelling a long time ago, I had the time of my life visiting faraway people and places.

I cannot encourage people enough to get out there and see the world and experience as many different cultures as possible. Wheelie Campers makes that possible here in Australia too. Here’s their website

Lyndi Legget

Lyndi Leggett


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Lyndi Leggett


Lyndi Leggett is the founder of The Scuba Gym Australia and is a NAUI/RAID Scuba Instructor. Lyndi is a passionate advocate for offering all people with disabilities and special needs the opportunity to experience life-changing healing through the benefits of scuba diving.